1651858493 How Apple Google and Microsoft envision a life without passwords

How Apple, Google and Microsoft envision a life without passwords

On May 5, we celebrate Liberation Day in the Netherlands, but worldwide people and companies, such as Apple, celebrate World Password Day. This time, the day was mainly about eliminating the password. Several companies are considering several options for that development.

Parties like Apple, Google and Microsoft all agree that passwords should disappear. That’s what those companies are now taking on, according to this partnership agreement. This year, the companies want to accomplish this for mobile, desktop and browser platforms, the announcement reads.

Apple, Google and Microsoft collaborate

Very specifically, this means that we will soon be logging in without a password on different systems. Think of Android and iOS, but also Windows and of course macOS. In addition, the various browsers are also participating. Chrome, Edge and Safari will all be affected by then.

iPhone 13Time to change my password (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

The smartphone will soon play a central role for logging into accounts and services, Google says. Unlocking a phone (with a PIN or other method) is enough to log into web services. This is made possible by a private key (a unique, cryptographic token) that the phone and sites share.

Making logins secure and easier

By tying the login process to a physical device, the login itself should become more secure and easier. At least, that’s the idea behind this system. You no longer have to remember (or manage) passwords yourself and hackers and phsishers also get it harder. After all, they need access to your physical smartphone in order to get in somewhere.

The basis for this system is FIDO. This system uses the basic principles of public key cryptography to enable passwordless login. It also allows for two-step verification, in a way that is already done today. The idea of eliminating the password once and for all has been around for years. Perhaps these parties will really succeed this time.