1666052336 How Messages is going to look completely different on your

How Messages is going to look completely different on your iPhone

The Messages app has been the same on the iPhone and iPad for years. Makes sense, too, since it works pretty well, of course. Still, there seems to be a big change coming to the look. One that probably does surprise you.

Messages has had the same look for a long time. Since iOS 7, that hasn’t been addressed. For iOS 7 we have to go back a very long time, the operating system dates back to September 2013. So that’s nine years ago.

Messages different on iPhone

With the iOS 17 update, everything will be different, at least according to Twitter user Majkin Bu. He previously leaked iPhone and iPad mini cases ahead of the launch. According to him, the look of Messages is going to get a major overhaul. So the messaging service will have a completely different look on your iPhone.

According to Bu, the new look of Messages has to do with the launch of the long-awaited release of the Apple AR/VR headset. The gadget involves communication. That would be Apple’s reason for taking the app in hand, and iPhone users are also going to benefit.

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According to my resource, Apple is working on a new version of iMessage completely renewed. New home, chat rooms, video clips, and new chat features in AR. It should be released next year along with the new headset #Apple #AppleAR #iMessage pic.twitter.com/Wp2WT8apNX

– Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) October 14, 2022

More changes to the app

The message screen gets a new home screen, but it doesn’t stop there. You can also expect major updates in terms of features. For example, according to the Bu, there will be chat rooms, video clips will be supported, and there will also be a slew of new chat features for AR. Handy for your iPhone, in other words.

Just because the look of Messages has been the same for years doesn’t mean Apple isn’t doing anything about it. On the contrary, Apple is constantly adding new features. Among other things, it has added Business Chat, pinned conversations, shared content and undo sent messages.

Yet the Messages app, thanks in particular to Google, has long been under fire. That company wants Apple to open up the app to RCS (Rich Communication Services). That’s the standard for messaging on Android devices. That, of course, has advantages mainly for Google. For example, Android users have more options.

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