Icon Apple Lisa 1 goes under hammer and costs you

Icon Apple Lisa 1: goes under hammer and costs you an expensive car

There are a number of computers in Apple’s history that are iconic. But perhaps Lisa 1 is one of the greatest because it is such an obscure piece of tech. One is being sold again, but be warned: this device costs a pretty penny, and rightfully so. This item is one of a kind.

Apple has often had brilliant inventions that didn’t turn out well. The Lisa 1 was one of them. The Lisa 1 was an early personal computer from Apple released in 1983. It was a revolutionary device because of its graphical user interface, mouse and WYSIWFYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor. And you can buy her now. And no, she won’t be cheaper than the first iPhone in original packaging. But it comes close.

The useless Apple Lisa 1 turned out to be a flop

Lisa was far from a success. The device was too expensive and did not have enough software to catch on, so it was replaced by the cheaper and popular Apple Macintosh. Incidentally, a copy of that is also going under the hammer. But that aside.

The fact that the Lisa 1 was a flop (sorry Lisa) did little to affect the price of this unique piece of tech. Not only is the golden-yellow computer (handy for smokers) a one-of-a-kind to own, this one is totally one of a kind. In fact, this Lisa was made for the then COO of Apple: Del Yocam. A beautifully engraved nameplate makes the item even more desirable.

lisa 1, apple, pc, auction, macDouble drive? Sexy! (Image: RR Auction)

So for an Apple fan and tech enthusiast, this is a computer you put behind glass to admire. You have very little else to do with it, but it has a story, great components ánd accessories that are now hard to find.

Absurdly complete set

This Lisa 1, which really belonged to Yocam, comes with the original power cable and Apple mouse (model number A9M0050, serial number: 000550). The Apple Lisa keyboard in OEM box (model number A6MB101, serial number 1002458). But she also has two external Apple ProFile hard drives in OEM boxes, and the Lisa Applications Software Bundle (LisaWrite, LisaProject, LisaList, LisaGraph, LisaCalc and LisaDraw). And the latter all in the original OEM box.

In other words, this is a sexy piece of technology to drool over. The slight hitch, however, is the price. It is expected to fetch $65,000, but we have a suspicion that the price will go a bit higher.

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