In this area the iPhone 14 Pro camera wins over

In this area, the iPhone 14 Pro camera wins over the iPhone 13 Pro

It’s almost here, next Wednesday we will finally know what the iPhone 14 Pro looks like. Fortunately, some news is already seeping through so we already have an idea of what exactly we can expect. So too with regard to the camera.

If you’re buying a Pro or Pro Max, one of the main reasons is obviously the camera. That’s one of the biggest improvements between the standard and Pro models. The big question, of course, is how much better the camera is. One person who has the answer to that is well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He tells us on Twitter exactly what he knows about it.

The camera of the iPhone 14 Pro

If its predictions are to be believed, a major upgrade is coming to the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera compared to the edition a year ago. One of the biggest is seen with the ultra-wide angle lens. This goes from 1.0 micrometer pixels to a 1.4 micrometer pixel. This is mainly to ensure that photos in the dark are even better. This is because the pixel can capture more light.

But there is more that Apple has tinkered with for the photos on the iPhone 14 Pro. This includes better versions of the CMOS image sensor, the Voice Coil Motor (for improved autofocus) and the compact camera module.

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I predict two iPhone 14 Pro models’ ultra-wide cameras will upgrade to 1.4µm (vs. iPhone 13 Pro’s 1.0µm). CIS (CMOS image sensor), VCM (voice coil motor), and CCM (compact camera module) have a significant unit price increase in this upgrade, with about 70%, 45%, and 40%.

– 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) August 30, 2022

Previous rumors

Earlier rumors circulated about a 48 megapixel camera for the 14 Pro. This camera will most likely use pixel binning to improve color performance in low light. This means that fewer megapixels are used in low light and more in bright light. This should improve the quality of photos in the dark. So more megapixels certainly does not say everything about the quality of a photo.

According to the analyst, Apple will be shopping around for the components of the iPhone 14 Pro. These will come from Sony, Monebea, Largan and LG Innotek. How exactly it will be, we will see on September 7. Then the Apple event takes place.

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