Inundated with spam text messages? No more thanks to this handy feature on your iPhone

Is your iPhone’s message inbox also flooded with irritating spam messages? Thanks to this super handy feature in the Messages app, you won’t have to deal with that anymore. We’re happy to explain how.

Spam messages on your iPhone come in all shapes and sizes. They often have one purpose: to make easy money. The messages state that you have won a prize or that you actually have to pay a fine. Although we all know that we should never just click on a shady link, it is irritating to receive this spam.

Spam-killer for iPhone

There is often little point in blocking the numbers of spam messages. After all, the sender then simply uses a different number. Fortunately, Apple has a solution for that. After all, your iPhone has a handy spam filter. Here’s how to set it up.

Go to Settings and press Messages. Scroll down and under Message Filter, turn on the Filter unknown senders slider. Go back to Settings and press Notifications. Scroll down again and press Messages. Now press Customize Notifications and make sure the slider behind Unknown senders is turned off.

Now open the Messages app on your iPhone. Press Filters at the top left and select Unknown Senders to see messages from senders not in your contacts. You switch back to your core messages just as easily.

No more spam on your iPhone! (Image: Pexels)

Small sidenote

You still receive spam messages on your iPhone, but you are no longer bothered by them. You don’t get notifications of them AND they appear in a separate folder. Superfine, although there is a small sidenote.

The Unknown Senders folder will also show up messages from companies, such as text messages with updates from your flash messenger or security codes to log in somewhere. It’s smart to add these senders to your contacts or check the unknown senders folder regularly. Otherwise, you may miss an important update!

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