iOS 154 gives Apple Podcasts for iPhone minor desired upgrade

iOS 15.4 gives Apple Podcasts for iPhone minor (desired) upgrade

iOS 15.4 brings with it a number of things, including a small upgrade for Apple’s popular Podcasts app on the platform. The small, but desirable upgrade can be found in the third beta of the latest iOS version. As a user, you get access to new features not previously available.

As of this week, developers can get started with iOS 15.4, so the editors at 9to5Mac put the brand new update under the microscope and thus discovered there an upgrade for Apple Podcasts. There, the editors saw that users will have access to both new filtering and search options within the popular application.

iOS 15.4 brings upgrade for Apple Podcasts

New options should make it easier for users to find podcasts and content they find interesting. For example, you can now filter different podcasts from the same creators by a number of filters. Think of played, not yet played, downloaded and saved. So it’s handy for the overview.

Apple PodcastsApple Podcasts with subscriptions (Image: Apple)

The same update allows users to filter episodes of podcasts by specific seasons. This is also for the first time, as those options were not available before iOS 15.4 came out. So if you’re an avid user of Apple Podcasts, there are great things waiting for you after updating.

Apple Podcasts explains everything

When you yourself get access to iOS 15.4 (the update may appear in mid-March) and you open Apple Podcasts, the app explains all the new features. It does so in a new startup screen, so you’ll automatically see when it’s time. So you know what to expect in the future in this area as well.

Despite the fact that the Apple Podcasts app has room for improvement, the app is well appreciated among Apple users. Not only because of the nice environment in which you listen to your podcasts, but also because it features exclusive content. The app is free to download from the App Store.