iOS 17 on your iPhone could look just like this

iOS 17 on your iPhone could look just like this

Just over a week to go until WWDC 2023. During the developer conference, Apple will present new products and launch the first betas of new operating systems, among other things. iOS 17 for the iPhone is one of them, and this is what we can expect from it.

As Apple enthusiasts, we are very much looking forward to WWDC 2023. Apps, products, operating systems, we’re going to see them all next week. One of the things people are looking forward to is the beta version of iOS 17, coming to the iPhone in September. But what will it look like?

This is what iOS 17 could look like on your iPhone

Youtuber Nicholas Ghigo has his own vision of iOS 17. With all the rumors, he got to work and made concept of the operating system which he shows in a video. And frankly, it looks pretty good.

According to the rumors, we can expect some new things. For example, the lock screen will probably be updated. We will see other fonts and new widgets appear this concept.

In addition, Ghigo is also coming up with new iPhone widgets that look damn sleek, but fit Apple’s style. It is also possible in iOS 17 to use multiple timers simultaneously and conveniently. Handy if you’re a real multitasker.

What also seems certain is that the control panel is getting a kick. The concept artist has his own ideas about that too. He shows how to customize it to your liking. Something many users are really waiting for, too.

Much more news

So this concept looks great, but it is likely that we will see even more changes in iOS 17 for the iPhone. For example, a number of Apple apps also seem to be undergoing major changes. Health and Wallet, among others, appear to be addressed.

How it all really turns out we’ll see on June 5 when WWDC kicks off. In addition to iOS 17 on the iPhone, we are likely to see Apple’s new AR/VR glasses. Exactly how that will be remains to be seen.

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