1651944939 iOS does have a very notable bug that affects Spotify

iOS does have a very notable bug that affects Spotify

Spotify and Apple are not the two best friends. A notable bug throws yet another oil on the fire between the two.

Spotify has been competing with Apple for years. Of course, the two are each other’s biggest competitors. With Apple Music, the iPhone manufacturer has its own music streaming service just like Spotify. Spotify feels that Apple is abusing its position by putting its own music service ahead of all competitors. Moreover, the company also disagrees that payments must be made through the App Store.

An unusual bug in iOS

Now a remarkable bug has been found in iOS 15.4.1 that affects Spotify, but also a number of other apps. When you download Apple Music from the App Store, it automatically appears in a place already occupied by another app in the dock (the bottom row of apps). In addition to Spotify, these include Twitter and Safari. However, the app seems to come primarily to third-party music streaming services.

Twitter user Kevin Archer was one of the first to notice the problem and posted a video of it on the medium. If only Apple apps are in the dock, remarkably, nothing changes.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

Seems like if you download the Apple Music app from App Store, it will automatically appear on your device (iPhone) dock, more than this, it will change any other 3d party app with the Music app. If on your dock, you only have Apple apps it won’t do anything. pic.twitter.com/c0pkO9G2pq

– Kevin Archer (@IM_Kevin_Archer) May 5, 2022

No outing to Spotify

The bug replaces another app only when it is in the dock. It does not block or remove the app in question. It is still on the phone and therefore can be used as usual.

Apple let it be known that it is aware of the bug and is working on a solution. It does not seem to have been done intentionally by the company, but it is striking in view of the battle with Spotify. If Apple is really doing this on purpose it is pretty stupid, since several regulators are already looking at the company for, according to other parties, preempting its own services. So if it’s bothering you, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the fix.