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iPhone 14 ‘has delivery problems, but they have minimal impact’

The rumors surrounding the iPhone 14 are becoming somewhat more persistent. Many rumor-makers are reporting that Apple is suffering from delivery problems. But that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, if we are to believe well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. That analyst has been following the Cupertino-based company closely for years.

On Twitter, Kuo let it be known that the problems are going to have a “minimal impact” on the stock, later this year. Earlier this year, reports of supply and inventory problems for the iPhone 14 line also surfaced. For example, the company reportedly ordered ten percent fewer devices, despite expected strong demand.

iPhone 14 in trouble?

At the time, that had to do with manufacturing partner TSMC, which had to adjust orders from three other customers. We all know that certain parts and chips are slightly less widely available than before, so the situation became worse for Apple. But according to Kuo, we have nothing to worry about.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

I have learned that recently some iPhone 14 panel and memory suppliers have experienced supply issues, but it should have a limited impact on the coming mass production of the iPhone 14 because other suppliers can fill the supply gap.

– 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) July 19, 2022

Not even now, so now it appears that there are once again some delivery problems for the iPhone 14. Indeed, Kuo reports that mass production will not necessarily suffer, as other manufacturers may jump into the gap. In addition, the analyst gives a little more information about the situation in a series of tweets.

Samsung is an important partner

Kuo reveals that Samsung, for example, is an important partner. That South Korean company supplies almost all the memory chips needed for the iPhone 14. The manufacturer can also meet the increased demand from Apple. Furthermore, partners Micron and SK Hynix can step in at a later date.

In terms of displays, Apple also seems to be sitting pretty. Samsung and BOE may fill the gap left by LG Display, due to all sorts of screen problems. These displays are intended for the iPhone 14 and Max models. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see exactly how things work out with supplies later this year, but you’d do well to keep an eye out.

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