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iPhone 14 Pro (Max) for St. Nicholas or Christmas? Then you’re too late!

Want to surprise your loved one, family member, or someone else with an iPhone 14 Pro (Max)? Then you’re really too late now. At least, if you want to order through Apple.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are two models that are wildly popular. Apple hasn’t been able to handle the demand for the devices since their release, resulting in hefty wait times. So you have to be patient if you want one of the phones in your hands.

No St. Nicholas and Christmas with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max)

In fact, right now the waiting time for the different models of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is more than a month. So that means you are too late if you want to give the device as a gift for St. Nicholas or Christmas.

For the iPhone 14 Pro, it doesn’t matter which color or amount of storage you want. For all these phones, the delivery date is December 27. The same goes for the Pro Max. Even with this model, all colors and storage sizes are not available before December 27. So the holidays are really coming too soon.

Do you want a regular iPhone 14? Then there is no problem in terms of delivery. If you order the model today, it can be delivered tomorrow. The same goes for all the colors and storage spaces with the 14 Plus. All of these are available from Apple.

iPhone 14 ProEven better photos! (Image: Zana Latif)

Still a last chance?

Do you still want an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max? Then fortunately there are other ways to get the phone. You can try at several other retailers. At Amac, for example, it’s not entirely clear how long it will take. The expected delivery time is listed as December for the Pro and Pro Max.

Things are also unclear at Mediamarkt. There, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are not available for order. At Bol.com itself, the device is also not available. However, third parties on the site say they can deliver the device faster. At CoolBlue, only the 14 Pro Space Black with 1 TB is in stock.

One store that also has some stock of the Pro and Pro Max is Belsimpel. Although it depends on which model you want. For example, the gold Pro with 512 GB is in stock there.

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