iPhone 15 production has already begun making news

iPhone 15 production has already begun, making news

Although the iPhone 14 has been in stores for just over three months now, all eyes are already on the iPhone 15. Apple is already producing the device.

The iPhone 15 is, of course, the next flagship for Apple. Many people are already working on it, which is why many rumors are circulating. These may now kick into new gear.

Production of the iPhone 15 started

Economic Daily News is in fact reporting that Apple has started trial production of the iPhone 15 today, which is already happening so that Apple can test if everything is going well. That way it will know if the machines are working properly when it starts mass production of the device.

Apple does this through manufacturer Foxconn, which has been responsible for the production of the iPhone 15 for many years, but this year something is different. Part of the production takes place in India, closing the gap between production in India and China. Now there is only a few weeks between the release of the models.

So production in India seems to be scaled up and there is a good reason. Apple wants to be less dependent on China. That’s why it has invested heavily in iPhone 15 production in India.

iPhone 14 Pro, ReviewThe iPhone 14 was not exactly earth-shattering. (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

More news on Apple’s new flagship

The Economic Daily News article also tells a bit more about the device itself. For example, it states that the iPhone 15 Pro will continue under the name Ultra. A name that has been popping up for some time.

In addition, the iPhone 15 models will have the same sizes as the 14. The Dynamic Island is likely coming to all four models. With the iPhone 14 line, it was only on the Pro and Pro Max. There will also be a USB-C connector for the first time. This is because the European Union has established guidelines for chargers.

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