iPhone can move photos at lightning speed but hardly anyone

iPhone can move photos at lightning speed (but hardly anyone knows about it)

A handy trick on your iPhone lets you move photos from one app to another at lightning speed. It’s not just photos, by the way, but also videos and other files. Pretty few people are aware of this trick, but that’s about to change!

To get this done you will have to use multiple fingers, but once you get the hang of the trick, it will save you seas of time. At least you’ll never have to hit the Share button to move photos again. OMT editor Sabine explains what on earth she’s talking about.

iPhone: this is how to move photos at lightning speed

Hold down a photo and drag it up or down, and the preview gets smaller. Then tap other photos with another finger if necessary to move them too. Now use your other finger to switch to another app while still holding the photos you just selected with that first finger. Then release the photos in the app you want to move them to.

You can use this handy feature with a lot of apps, such as Messages, Notes and Mail. Still, it’s important to note that not all file types are supported, although there are a lot of them. In fact, you can use this feature with photos, videos, PDF files, audio files and text documents.

iPhone multitasking

iOS 16 is your big friend

This super-chilly feature has been around since iOS 16. So if you don’t have the latest software on your iPhone yet, it’s about time. To update your operating system, go to General in Settings and then open Software Update. If an update is ready for you, it will appear automatically. In that case, press Download and Install.

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