iPhone leading the way in 5G sales

iPhone leading the way in 5G sales

Today, a new smartphone coming to the market is often released with 5G support. This is also true for the new iPhone SE, for example.

According to a new study by Counterpoint Research, some 51 percent of all smartphones were sold with 5G support by January 2022. And the iPhone provides a large share of that.

iPhone successful for 5G penetration

The adoption of 5G worldwide is mainly due to the Chinese, Western European and North American markets. A lot of models with 5G are sold there. However, the Chinese market is the forerunner in that area. Some 84 percent of all smartphones sold there support that technology. The same study shows that in Europe and America, the iPhone is largely driving up the adoption rate.

iPhone 12 miniThe 12 brought 5G (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

In the United States, fifty percent of smartphone sales with 5G have been attributed to the iPhone. This does not specify which model is involved. In the Western European market, the figure is 30 percent. Ultimately, in the U.S. market, some 73 percent of all smartphones sold are equipped with 5G. In Western Europe, some 76 percent of the devices sold are equipped with 5G. In October of 2020, Apple decided to move to 5G with their models. And now that some of their devices are a bit more affordable, you can see that more and more customers have a device with such a connection.

Waiting to see what the iPhone SE will do

So these are the January sales figures. On that note, it will be interesting to see what will happen soon with penetration. The iPhone SE is available now, so it could have an impact on how many people buy a smartphone with 5G. Want to know what we think of Apple’s new smartphone? Then you can read our review of the new smartphone here. And so you can score it here now.