1683360054 iPhone proves much more repairable than smartphones running Android

iPhone proves much more repairable than smartphones running Android

We have often complained in the past about the iPhone being difficult to repair. But compared to an Android, that’s not all that bad. The iPhone scores high on the repair list (that’s a word we’re going to use now). Not necessarily a winner, but Apple’s phone is easier to repair than you think.

Who would have ever thought an iPhone would be easier to take apart than some Androids? But so it happened; the iPhone 13 turns out to be easier to put together than many other phones. And honestly, we had no idea how, but iFixit and ElectronicsHub provide answers.

ElectronicsHub analyzed iPhone and Android repairs

Thanks to the site ElectronicsHub, we now have analysis on the ease of repairing Apple’s flagships and Android phones. Some are a breeze and others are hell.

To assess do-it-yourself smartphone repair, ElectronicsHub analyzed hundreds of repair manuals for 228 smartphone models from iFixit. That is a leading site that provides manuals and tools for people to repair their devices. We recommend following their YouTube channel.

Repairing devices at home is a popular option to avoid spending a fortune on Apple Stores or other overpriced repair stores right away.

ElectronicsHub has claimed that Google’s Pixel 7 is one of the most difficult phones to repair and has the longest repair time, with an average repair time of 60.3 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Motorola Moto G7 is the easiest to repair, with the shortest average time of 25 minutes. In all honesty, I now feel like slamming a Moto against a wall and building it up like LEGO. Motorola, are you reading?

That Apple phone is still a challenge

Of course, an Apple iPhone is still a difficult beast. Repairing an iPhone still takes a lot of time, effort and money anyway.

But so rest assured if your phone crashes during a skydive; the beast can take a beating.

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