1645300630 iPhone vendor BOE expects major problems with displays

iPhone vendor BOE expects major problems with displays

You don’t need a new iPhone every year. But if you’re in the market for a new model, it’s nice if you can buy it. In recent months, quite a few delivery problems have caused delayed orders, and it doesn’t look like those problems are going to go away anytime soon. That goes for Apple, too, of course.

It doesn’t matter these days which component is involved. All kinds of partners in the supply chain report running into limitations. This applies to Apple’s partners, but of course also to competitors. And companies that compete for the same parts, such as manufacturers of high-performance cars.

What about your next iPhone?

Now, once again, we are hearing noises about an Apple supplier being in trouble. The company in question is BOE, which normally supplies the iPhone’s OLED panels. According to the website The Elec, production is in trouble both “this month and next month.” Anonymous sources report that.

iPhone 13 Pro Max ios 15.2.1iPhone 13 Pro Max (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

The problems do not necessarily lie with this company, but again with the manufacturer’s supplier. This is because BOE gets the chips for display drivers, intended for the iPhone’s screen, from LX Semicon. And it is that company that will not meet the set targets in the coming period. So that produces a domino effect.

First LG, then BOE

Production capacity is running into limitations. And since LX Semicon also has deals running with other parties, not everything ends up going to BOE or Apple. Instead, LG Display gets priority from the company. That will undoubtedly involve high-dollar deals; nothing to be done, then.

BOE is expected to deliver not three, but two million OLED panels next month. Apple has reportedly ordered ten million panels from this company, for the first half of 2022. It is unclear at the time of writing whether BOE can meet demand and to what extent this will affect iPhone production.

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