1664580790 Mighty AirPods Pro 2 feature suddenly relocates to older model

Irritating bug gives AirPods Pro 2 users a weird alert

The AirPods Pro 2 have been out for some time now, but things aren’t quite running smoothly. After Apple faced several problems surrounding the iPhone 14, there seem to be problems for the popular earbuds as well.

A number of people have complained on MacRumors and Reddit about a very strange bug. This one causes iPods Pro 2 users to get the warning to change their battery.

Are you replacing your AirPods Pro 2’s battery?

The alert appears in the Find My app, which allows you to find your Airpods Pro 2 or charging case. It indicates that the “left and right” battery is low and even needs to be replaced. And you can’t do that at all.

Find my phone, Airpods Pro 2, bugAh rightem, the ‘left and the right’ (Image: MacRumors)

It is curious anyway that the alert does not even state that the AirPods Pro 2 is involved. Some say the notifications are similar to those of the AirTag when the CR203 battery is low.

Firmware of the AirTag

One theory, then, is that Apple used parts of the AirTag’s firmware in the MagSafe Charging Case for the iPods Pro 2.

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They probably copy-and-pasted the AirTag firmware into the case and just renamed it to “5A374/7”

– Apple Software Updates (@AppleSWUpdates) October 4, 2022

So should you get this kind of warning, there’s no reason to panic for now. Apple has not yet responded to the bug, by the way.

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