1671590640 Is Android manufacturer OnePlus now making a keyboard for Apple

Is Android manufacturer OnePlus now making a keyboard for … Apple?

Sometimes a company can still surprise: Android manufacturer OnePlus is proving that just before the end of the year. The Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and earbuds is now working, together with another company, on a keyboard that also works for the Mac. That’s striking to say the least, right?

Together with Keychron, OnePlus is now working on a mechanical keyboard for Mac, Windows and Linux. This is not a “Windows keyboard for Mac,” according to the Android manufacturer. In fact, this keyboard is designed to work seamlessly with the Apple computer. The layout resembles that of the MacBook.

Android manufacturer works on Mac keyboard

The latter in particular should be music to the ears of MacBook users. But the keyboard additionally features a double-gasket mount design, making typing feel like a “fluid and enjoyable motion. Furthermore, OnePlus reveals that the accessory also makes little noise while typing.

Android manufacturer makes Mac keyboardAndroid manufacturer makes Mac keyboard (Image: OnePlus)

The keyboard – like Apple’s Magic Keyboard – is made of aluminum. Should this keyboard become extremely similar to Keychron’s other offerings, you should also keep in mind that this will be a hefty unit. But that’s not necessarily a negative feature, of course.

Customizable features

The Android manufacturer further promises that there are many customizable features, such as switches you can swap and open-source software. This all sounds nice and all, but what makes a keyboard good is always very personal. There will no doubt be a market for it, with people wanting something just a little different.

At the time of writing, there are still a lot of things we don’t know. For example, we don’t know exactly when the keyboard will come out and what it should cost. We also haven’t been shown a real photo yet, so we don’t know what the accessory looks like. In any case, the launch will take place early next year.

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