1671677091 IT manager who buys MacBook Pro ends up with

IT manager who buys MacBook Pro ends up with box of dog food

An extraordinary story from Britain. In fact, a retired IT manager bought a MacBook Pro worth 1,370 euros on Amazon. Instead of a new computer, he received two boxes of dog food.

You can really buy almost anything on Amazon: from the latest books to laundry detergent and from MacBook Pros to dog food. And let the latter be just the problem for Britain’s Alan Wood. He tells his story to the British press.

MacBook Pro arrival at Amazon goes completely awry

Alan Wood is a retired IT executive, so you’d expect him to know what he’s buying. He thought so himself when he ordered a MacBook Pro worth $1,370 on Amazon.

So Wood was extremely happy when he received the box at home, but that turned into stress when he opened the package. Instead of a new MacBook Pro, he found two packs of dog food. To be exact, there were 12 100-gram bags of Pedigree in there. That’s almost literally finding the dog in the pot.

Of course a mistake can happen at a huge online store like Amazon, but solving the problem was not very easy. Initially, the online store refused to help him. He couldn’t get his money back unless he returned the MacBook Pro. But then again, he didn’t have one.

M2 MacBook ProIncludes mini-jack connector (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

This is how it ends

Wood eventually returned the dog food and said he spent more than 15 hours trying to resolve the situation. “No matter how many times I called, every conversation ended the same way,” he said. Only when he approached the press did Amazon resolve the problem with his MacBook.

Wood’s problem is now completely fixed. He received an apology from Amazon and the money for his MacBook Pro was refunded. So all’s well that ends well.