Jason Segal and Harrison Ford deliver Apple TV with Shrinking

Jason Segal and Harrison Ford deliver Apple TV+ with ‘Shrinking’ huge hit

Jason Segal and Harrison Ford are stirring things up on Apple TV+. The two can be seen in Shrinking: a comedy series revolving around a therapist who disregards the rules and treats clients in his very own way. A delightful concept that, according to two major analytics companies, is making for a huge success.

Since Black Bird and Severance, there was no series on Apple TV+ that managed to grab as much attention as Shrinking. Wonderful, because usually titles that get such attention before launch suffer from disappointing results.

Jason Segal and Harrison Ford score on Apple TV+

That hype was really big beforehand, by the way. Not only because of the concept, but also because of the two lead actors: Jason Segal and Harrison Ford. Segal is best known for his role as Marshall Eriksen in the hit comedy How I Met Your Mother. Well, and Ford … what can we say about that?


The success of Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford, born July 13, 1942, is an American actor you can know from Indiana Jones, Blade Runner and Star Wars, among others.

A golden combination, according to figures from JustWatch and Reelgood. Two analysis companies that closely monitor the market around streaming, and the numbers that come with it. JustWatch puts the Apple TV+ comedy in third place in most-watched series in the entire market, where at Reelgood it occupies a fifth position in the list of all movies and series.

What is remarkable about the figures is the fact that Shrinking was less viewed in the first week than in the second week. So its success may be even greater.

The power of Ted Lasso

Despite Shrinking being a completely in-house project, the series once again showcases the power of Ted Lasso. The comedy starring Jason Sudeikis is without a doubt the biggest title on Apple TV+. That two writers from that series are also behind this title seems to be no coincidence.

In addition to excellent ratings, Shrinking is also getting excellent reviews. The Apple TV+ series starring Jason Segal and Harrison Ford receives an average score of 80% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences themselves sit just a bit higher with an average score of 82%.

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