Live Photos on iPhone and iPad have this hidden feature

Live Photos on iPhone and iPad have this hidden feature

Live Photos are a cool feature on your iPhone or iPad, but it’s not so easy to share the moving photos with non-Apple devices. Fortunately, there’s a handy feature that lets you turn the Live Photo into a video. That’s how you freely share the short video.

With a Live Photo, your iPhone or iPad creates a moving image, taking you back to the moment of the photo even better. It is like a short video. You activate Live Photo by briefly pressing a snapshot, though you have to enable the feature.

iPhone and iPad: here’s how to enable Live Photos

To turn on Live Photos, open your iPhone or iPad’s Camera app and press the icon at the top right of the screen. When “Live” appears briefly on the screen, you know you’ve succeeded. Now when you take a snapshot, it’s automatically a Live Photo.

Open the Photos app to view your Live Photos. You press the snapshot to play the Live Photo, but if you tap Live at the top left of the screen, you can also play it as a GIF by choosing Repeat. You can also play with the Bounce and Long Exposure options. How to create a video from a Live Photo on your iPhone or iPad, we explain below.

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Make a video of your Live Photo

Creating a video from a Live Photo is incredibly easy. You don’t need a separate app on your iPhone or iPad, just get started from the Photos app. Just grab the Live Photo of your choice.

When you have a Live Photo in front of you, open the settings menu in the upper right corner. Now tap Save as Video. Within seconds, the video will be ready. You’ll find your new video at the very bottom of your list of images. In addition, the original Live Photo will be retained as usual on your iPhone or iPad.

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