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MacBook Air with M2 chip on benchmark: first look at performance

The MacBook Air with the M2 processor on board now lands on the benchmark for the first time, giving us a look at its performance. With the results from this benchmark, from Geekbench, we can put the laptop next to other laptops. This way we can get an idea of exactly what the device can handle.

The Twitter account Mr. Macintosh spotted the Geekbench 5 result last Sunday and shared the news with his followers. The tested model features 16GB of memory and grabbed a score of 1,899 points on the singlecore test. On the multicore test, we see a score of 8,965 points.

MacBook Air with M2 chip on board

The scores listed are practically the same as the results the MacBook Pro showed when it went over the benchmark. That shows that both laptops offer similar performance, at least during these synthetic tests. Incidentally, we saw the same thing happen with Apple’s M1 laptops.

M2 MacBook Air WWDC 2022🍏 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

However, this does not mean that you should expect the same working speed. For that, several aspects come into play. For example, the MacBook Air does not have a fan, while the MacBook Pro does. This allows the Pro to get rid of its heat better, keeping it faster than the Air.

Compared to the previous model

How does the new MacBook Air perform compared to the previous model? The M1 version achieved scores of 1,706 and 7,420 points. That means the Air with an M2 processor is about twenty percent faster, at least in the multi-core test. This also makes the Air faster than the Mac Pro tower.

The question now remains as to what exactly the SSD is. The MacBook Pro with an M2 chip has slow read and write speeds because it has two 128GB chips of storage, instead of one 256GB drive. So we’ll have to wait a little longer for the person who opens the casing of the new MacBook Air.

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