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MacBook gets new camera, but not where you’d expect it to be

The MacBook of the future may just carry an updated camera. That becomes clear through a patent that, via Patently Apple, is seeing the light of day.

Should the model actually arrive, many users will have to get used to it. The MacBook’s referenced camera, in this case, appears in a place you wouldn’t easily expect.

New camera MacBook in conspicuous spot

Apple’s assigned patent shows a new MacBook model with a striking camera system. Whereas it is usually located above the display, and thus completely facing the user, the new camera is located just on the other side.

There are two ways in which this is possible. The first solution is to incorporate the camera into the lid of the MacBook. In another outlined situation, Apple uses magnets to secure such a camera.

Apple, MacBook, Camera(Image: Patently Apple)

What exactly the purpose of the new position is not clear, although the quality seems to be incredibly good.

As strong as the iPhone 14 Pro

Interestingly, the patent talks about a high-quality camera. For example, the new MacBook camera is compared to that of the iPhone 14 Pro, including features such as LiDAR as well as facial recognition.

Although the camera above the display could lend itself perfectly to Face ID, Apple seems to be having some trouble getting it done. As a result, the second camera on top of the laptop could play an important role.

Apple, MacBook, Camera(Image: Patently Apple)

When the laptop is closed, the camera could, in theory, recognize the user’s face. So as soon as you flip open your MacBook you could, in that case, already be logged in. Anyway, that’s just speculation.

It is good to know that companies like Apple file and are awarded numerous patents every year. The chances of the solutions and products actually appearing or being used always remain slim. So do take it with a grain of salt.

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