Make the most of the Dynamic Island with these iOS

Make the most of the Dynamic Island with these iOS apps

What do you do when you find a solution to the notch years later than your competitors? Then you give it a trendy name like the Dynamic Island, build great software around it, and get iOS developers to take full advantage of the iPhone feature.

Although we still have to get used to the name Dynamic Island, the solution has proven to work. Although there aren’t very many applications yet that really know how to make the most of it. Lucky for us, we’ve found a few that do. OMT editor Mark Hofman tells you all about it.

Dynamic Island on your iPhone: iOS apps to get the most out of it

The Dynamic Island: when I sat in the Steve Jobs Theatre in September and heard the name for the first time, I started laughing, and with me a room full of journalists from all over the world. As ironic as the name for the iPhone 14 Pro feature is, we couldn’t deny at the time that the solution was rather ingenious.

iPhone 14 Pro, Review

Since the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the notch has proven to work well. It provides the popular smartphone with an extra dimension of usability. Although, in my opinion, not enough developers are taking full advantage of it yet.

Fortunately, the following five do:

#1 Classic on the Dynamic Island

We wrote about this before on One More Thing, but now it’s actually here. Hit The Island, a classic game in a new look, makes fun use of the Dynamic Island. The game is playable on your iPhone 14 Pro and actually makes the notch part of the game.

A fun game to try out for yourself. You get Hit The Island through this link.

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Who has an iPhone 14 Pro right now? Need to test this on device asap!

🏝 Hit The Island – our game concept for iPhone 14 Pro, still laggy but it’s turning out nice 🙂 #iPhone14Pro #iOS16

– Kriss Smolka (@ksmolka) September 13, 2022

#2 Little critter on your iPhone

For years, Apollo has been the magisterial application for Reddit users on the iPhone. That it responds well to the functionalities of iOS also becomes clear thanks to Dynamic Island. Indeed, users will have access to the Dynamic Island Zoo option. The goal: to accompany consumers with a small cute animal.

Get Apollo on your iPhone via this link.

#3 Audiobooks in the Dynamic Island

If there’s one app that works magisterially for audiobooks, it’s Audible. The popular app is of course available on the new iPhone 14, but also plays nicely on the Dynamic Island. See what’s playing in the notch, hold down the icons and engage with a small minimalist menu.

You get Audible through this link

#4 Audible alternatives on your iPhone

There are plenty of calling alternatives for the iPhone. It is possible to call people via WhatsApp or Skype, for example. Applications that, in turn, also make good use of the Dynamic Island. Recording, rejecting or keeping track of a call is peppy and ideal. And all with the help of CallKit.

Get WhatsApp for iPhone through this link. This is where you download Skype.

#5 Spotify looks great

The most popular streaming service in terms of music and podcasts is, of course, Spotify. It’s an iOS app that also takes full advantage of your iPhone’s Dynamic Island. Album covers are displayed alongside sound waves in the smartphone’s notch. The beauty of that is that those sound waves are also precisely matched to those covers in terms of color.

That’s not all the app has to offer, however. As soon as you hold down Dynamic Island, a mini player pops up, allowing you to easily control your music.

Spotify can be downloaded to your iPhone via this link.

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