Mighty DOOM iconic game gets new version for iPhone

Mighty DOOM: iconic game gets new version for iPhone

Anyone with an iPhone knows that you can do great gaming on that smartphone. The App Store is full of good games, and Apple even offers extensive subscriptions for them. You should never be short of good games, and it looks like Mighty DOOM is going to be the next in line.

Many gamers are probably familiar with the game series DOOM. The series has been synonymous with fast and furious, gory and rock-hard action for the past few years. That action is accompanied by cutting-edge metal, mega-ugly enemies and cool multiplayer modes. And now the series is coming – in a slightly different form – to the iPhone.

Mighty DOOM for iPhone

The new game goes by the name Mighty DOOM. This is not the game you might expect; after all, it is not a first-person shooter. And the world this time doesn’t look as bleak as before either. But instead very cute… Fortunately, you can still shoot demons in the head. That makes a difference.

This iteration of DOOM is run-and-gun rogue-like. The camera is always suspended above the playing field, so you can best see what’s coming at you. You can still run and shoot like in the old games, but just a little differently now. You also still collect different weapons and upgrades.

Shoot, shoot and shoot again

Mighty DOOM is a so-called rogue-like, that is. That is a type of video game in which dying is not such a problem. Because you always take your experiences with you, and you can upgrade various attributes after dying. You then just try again and keep trying until you are strong or good enough.

In the above trailer, we see hordes of enemies coming at the Mighty DOOM Guy, but not only that. There are also several boss fights. In any case, don’t let the cute look fool you, because this game looks like it will go hard. The game will be released on March 21 for both iPhone and Android.

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