New Apple Store in London meet Brompton Road

New Apple Store in London: meet Brompton Road

London will have a new Apple Store as of July 28. This Thursday the doors will open on Brompton Road. To get a good impression, the American company shared the first photos today.

The 200 employees not only ensure that consumers can be helped properly, but also that there is plenty to learn and experience through events.

New Apple Store in London

The new Brompton Road Apple Store takes its inspiration from local flora. This is clearly reflected in various parts of the fourteenth store in the region. Upon entering, visitors will find no fewer than twelve large Sicilian Ficus trees. These are in line with the seven-meter-high windows that run from ceiling to floor. Seats have been made near the trunks so that customers can think about their purchases in peace (I think).

Apple StoreNo shortage of trees (Image: Apple)

The ceiling is curved and made entirely of wood, where the Terrazzo floor is made entirely of plant resin. All in all, completely focused on sustainability, customer friendliness and appearance, then.

Apple StoreThe curved ceiling (Image: Apple)

Although the interior of the building has been completely remodeled, Apple did not erect the building itself. This is also reflected in the gallery of the new Apple Store. It is a copy of the original Brompton gallery that could be found at the same location in 1903.

Apple StoreThe main lobby

Special opening

The Brompton Road Apple Store, as mentioned, will open its doors on July 28. During this opening, there will be a special Augmented Reality experience. In United Visions, as it is called, Apple honors the work of London poet and artist William Blake. Previously, this unique experience was created for the Getty Museum.

Apple StoreAR (Image: Apple)

During the opening, creators Tin Nguyen, Ed Cutting and Just Blaze will be on hand to answer visitors’ questions. In addition, artist Nina Nesbitt will give a Spatial Audio listening session and Apple’s VP of Fitness Technology, Jay Blahnik, will be on hand for a Q&A. Afterwards, visitors can walk three miles or run five miles with Blahnik in nearby Hyde Park.

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