Oops Apple TV 4K struggles with bug that halves storage

Oops: Apple TV 4K struggles with bug that halves storage capacity

While this year’s Apple TV 4K is a nice step up from the previous model, unfortunately the product does suffer from an irritating problem. Due to problems within tvOS 16, consumers are only getting half the promised storage capacity.

This is made clear by a post on website flastpanelshd. At issue is the model with 128GB of storage capacity. Consumers with that model only get access to 64GB, which means they can do much less with the product than they previously thought.

Apple TV 4K: issue halves storage capacity

Luck of the draw: it appears to be a software issue. So, through a new update, Apple may soon fix this and you, the consumer, should be able to access the full storage capacity.

The reason for this conclusion is the fact that the problem only pops up at specific times. As soon as a game or app is installed at 64GB occupied space, consumers will see a notification that the memory is full.

Apple TV 4K(Image: Apple)

“The application cannot be installed because there is not enough storage capacity,” is one of the notifications people with an Apple TV 4K see.

A nice step forward

In October, Apple announced several new products. We were introduced to the iPad (tenth-generation), the iPad Pro with M2 chip and an updated version of the Apple TV 4K. Of all the products, the latter is the only one not more expensive than its predecessor. In fact, it is cheaper.

That is not to say, by the way, that there is little new. In terms of appearance, the Apple TV has become a lot smaller and thinner. Under the hood is a more powerful chip and consumers can use twice as much storage capacity as before. Although this must be available.

Want to know more about the updated Apple TV 4K and all its useful features? We explain the additions and improvements in detail in the article below:

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