Recent iOS update scrapping Face ID for some iPhone users

Recent iOS update scrapping Face ID for some iPhone users

Do you have an iPhone and are still using iOS 15? If so, you might want to hold off on the upcoming update, iOS 15.7.1, for quite a while.

Reports are appearing online from beta testers who, in the Release Candidate, are experiencing problems with Face ID. Still, a pretty essential part of your iPhone.

iOS 15.7.1. causes iPhone users a problem

Via MacRumors, we come across several complaints about the release candidate of iOS 15.7.1. Indeed, the update, which will be made available soon, seems to scrap Face ID functionality.

The problem is its own fairly simple explanation: iPhone users who want to unlock their phones with Face ID run into trouble. Thanks to the new iOS update, that functionality no longer works.

Face ID iPhone AppleFace ID (Image: Apple / Mark Hofman)

Users can always try to re-set Face ID, but unfortunately this too does not seem to be possible. “Face ID is not available,” is the message consumers will see.

Apple causes more problems

Unfortunately, this week is not the first time we have heard reports of a new iOS update causing problems. Recently, Apple released iOS 16.0.3. to fix iPhone problems. While these problems were effectively a thing of the past, the update also introduced yet another new problem.

After installing the update, many iPhone users reported that Siri was not performing as well. The voice assistant seems to have trouble mainly with the dictation function.

There was no rock-solid solution to the problem yet, but there are a few things you could possibly try. We list those for you in the article below:

iOS 16.1 coming to your iPhone

On the update front, iPhone users fortunately have something positive to look forward to. Apple appears to be coming out with another major update next Monday, Oct. 24, 2022.

Over the past few months, developers and public testers have been able to sniff out iOS 16.1 at length. That stretch is coming to an end, which simply means that starting next week, you too can get started.

Wondering what exactly you’ll get with the update? You can read it in the article below:

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