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Reduce your impact and get a discount: trade in your old smartphone for the iPhone 14

It’s almost here: the new iPhone 14 is coming out. Are you planning to switch: make use of Apple’s trade-in service. You can receive a compensation for your old device.

Do you still have an old model iPhone or even an iPad or another Apple device: trade it in at Apple. The tech giant is rightly proud of making and recycling gadgets in a very effective way.

iPhone 14 for less thanks to Apple Trade In

For an old device, you can still get quite a bit of credit from Apple. Of course, that does depend on the condition and type. For example, you can potentially get up to 760 euros for an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and you can in theory still catch 60 euros for your iPhone 7 (the “oldest” model you can turn in).

iPhone 14 recycleFor the ‘oldies’ you can still get quite a bit of money (Image: Apple)

So that doesn’t just apply to your iPhone(s); iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches can also be “given back” money. That credit can then be used in the Apple Store (online or otherwise). If you don’t want a new device, or even a service, you can get an Apple Gift Card for that amount. This ultimately makes the purchase of an iPhone 14, Apple Watch or iPad more affordable.

Estimate and send

When you send in an old device, Apple looks at what condition it is in. Are the buttons still good? Is your screen still okay? Is there any particular damage? Based on that, the company makes an offer. If you are unable to actually visit an Apple Store, the company will send you a trade-in kit.

iPhone 14 trade-in recycleEasy to check online (Image: Apple)

If your iPhone is completely in shambles (like mine, a spin in the Booster at the fair killed it) it still pays to turn it in. Apple has a unique way of recovering raw materials from iPhones, and it’s called Daisy.

iPhone 11 Pro MaxFor mine, I get nothing in return (RIP), so to Daisy (Image: Dennis Mons/WANT) (Image: Dennis Mons/WANT)

Daisy is brilliant

Since 2018, Apple has introduced Daisy, an intelligent recycling robot. There are only two in the world and one is here in Breda. The machine has five robotic arms and is capable of disassembling 23 different iPhones. It does this so quickly that an iPhone is taken apart every 18 seconds.

So even if you get nothing back for your old iPhone or other device when you want to buy an iPhone 14, it’s a small effort to hand in your device at Apple, or at a Wecycle E-Waste drop-off point. There are many of these in the Netherlands, and the nearest one can be found here.

The fact that parts of your old gadgets get a second life, instead of being dumped, at least makes you feel good. And with a bit of luck, you’ll pick up a few bucks when you buy the iPhone 14. You’ll have it in your pocket next week, although you’ll probably have to wait a little longer for a Pro or Pro Max.

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