Roller coaster problem iPhone 14 over but now ski slopes

Roller coaster problem iPhone 14 over, but now ski slopes are the brunt of it

Since the introduction of Crash Detection, a functionality of the new iPhone 14, Apple has been struggling. Although the feature is mainly supposed to detect car crashes, in recent months emergency services were called in mainly during roller coaster rides. Oops.

The introduction of iOS 16.2.1, a new update for the iPhone 14, should fix the problems. Although it is now slowly coming out that some other activity is activating the functionality, unfairly.

Apple fixes iPhone 14 problem with iOS 16.2.1

In all honesty, we had to chuckle a bit back in October. The new Crash Detection feature, which is supposed to detect car accidents so it can automatically call in emergency services, did its job a little too well.

Emergency services received several reports of car crashes while the person in question was anything but in the car. As it turned out, the Crash Detection feature had some trouble distinguishing between a snappy car accident and a roller coaster ride.

With the introduction of iOS 16.2.1, Apple is trying to put an end to that problem. If all goes well, consumers with an iPhone 14 in their pocket will be able to ride the roller coaster with peace of mind without being connected to emergency services.

Although there is another situation where you may be in for the unpleasant surprise.

Emergency services receive many calls from ski slopes

In addition to the iPhone 14, certain Apple Watch models are also equipped with Crash Detection. Whereas the iPhone seemed to have trouble mainly with roller coasters, the latter is mainly bothered by ski slopes.

Suzie Butterfield, of the Summit County Dispatch Center in Utah, U.S., gets two to five reports every day. In most cases, they are skiers scampering down the ski slope with full abandon, and an Apple Watch.

Speaking to KSL (via MacRumors), Butterfield reveals that the person in question “initially doesn’t react at all, because he or she doesn’t realize it.” Consequently, the Apple Watch user’s reaction is usually the same: “Oh, sorry! I was skiing, everything’s okay!”.

Ski, Ski, Rollercoaster, Apple, iPhone 14⛷ (Image: Ben Koorengevel)

Whether it’s better to turn off functionality this winter? If Butterfield is to be believed, it’s anything but convenient. “We don’t want you to turn off the feature. We’d rather you just be safe and don’t mind getting the call in.”

At the time of writing, it is not clear whether Apple is working on a fix for this problem as well.

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