Safari Technology Preview 150: fixes for bugs and performance issues

Every so often Apple releases an update to the Safari Technology Preview: an experimental version of the popular browser. This time it is focused on software bugs and some performance issues. If you are interested in testing this browser yourself, you can just sign up for it.

The special Safari Technology Preview is basically a beta version of the regular browser. With this program, Apple mostly tests experimental features, which might come to the regular version of the browser at a later time. The preview has been available and downloadable for everyone since March 2016.

Safari Technology Preview 150

It’s always possible that Apple will introduce features that we won’t see again later. That’s the beauty of such an experimental browser: you test what works or doesn’t work. In the case of Safari Technology Preview 150, we see that the Cupertino-based company is focusing on all kinds of technical terms behind the scenes.

Safari on your Mac. (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

The focus this time is mainly on fixing software bugs and performance issues. The team behind the browser presents a long list of technical terms, which possibly not everyone can make chocolate out of. But people with a little more knowledge in their heads can no doubt appreciate it.

Setting voice with WebSpeech

Apple is making changes to Web Inspector, CSS, Shadow DOM, JavaScript, web animations, Web Share, WebAuthn, Web API, rendering and accessibility. Among other things, WebSpeech should work correctly again, allowing you as a user to set a different voice.

The current version of the Technology Preview is based on Safari 16 and also offers support for new options like Live Text and Passkeys. To test the software you need at least macOS 13 Ventura. Unfortunately, unlike previous versions, the preview no longer works with macOS Big Sur. Here you can download and try the browser yourself.

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