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Safari Technology Preview 154: What’s new in Apple’s browser?

As a user of Apple products, you may already be familiar with the Safari Technology Preview. This is an experimental browser that Apple uses to test new features and options before rolling them out to all users. If you do find this interesting, you can sign up to test the software.

What can you expect from the Safari Technology Preview? Well, generally speaking, Apple is testing all kinds of small updates that mainly change things behind the scenes. But it may be that the company is testing big, new features. And then it might be cool to witness their development up close.

Safari Technology Preview 154 available

As of now, you can download Safari Technology Preview 154 for macOS Ventura or macOS Monterey. Again, this release is not dominated by all kinds of big, new features. But improvements under the hood are always welcome. It’s nice to know that a browser is running flawlessly on your system.

Safari WWDC21A new look for Safari. (Image: Apple)

By the way, when you participate in testing the experimental browser, you can provide Apple with feedback, should you wish. You’ll also get a close-up look at how a browser evolves. That’s interesting for developers, who need the browser, but also for consumers with an above-average interest in technology.

Intelligent Tracking Prevention

One thing we like to put under the microscope for this release is Intelligent Tracking Prevention. With that option, Apple prevents you from being constantly tracked everywhere. And in the future, the Safari browser will only delete site data at a later time when you interacted with a Web Push notification.

Furthermore, it is good to know that things like Shared Tab Groups, syncing for Tab Groups, site settings and Web Extensions do not work in this version of the Technology Preview. Therefore, it is not always advisable for the average user to download such a beta; so do so entirely at your own risk.

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