Samsung shrugs innovation soon not on your iPhone

Samsung shrugs: ‘innovation soon not on your iPhone’

Apple hasn’t even announced the iPhone 14 yet or it can already count on comments from its competitors. Samsung is launching a new campaign called Buckle Up. One that should convince consumers to buy a Galaxy smartphone.

Big companies throwing mud at other big companies: it’s enjoyable. Grab the popcorn, though!

Samsung throws mud at Apple

In its Buckle Up campaign, Samsung is addressing consumers interested in the iPhone 14. Obviously not to tell them that they are making a good choice, but purely to put their own products in the spotlight. ‘Good old Samsung’, shall we say.

Samsung outlines a world where all heads will turn at the sight of a smartphone, but that they won’t turn your way. While your iPhone 14 is likely to be a nice addition to your daily life, “the greatest innovation will not appear on your iPhone anytime soon. The highest resolution camera system is not in your pocket, according to the South Korean company, and epic photos with the most likes will not be yours. Of course, according to Samsung, you only get those with a Galaxy smartphone.

Such ads have now become tradition and personally I can enjoy them. Whether it actually works is another matter.

The new iPhone 14

Although Samsung is having its lark at the moment, the company has to reckon with some stiff competition next week. During the Far Out event, which takes place on Wednesday, September 7, Apple will introduce the new iPhone 14. This year’s smartphone series will most likely consist of four different models: the entry-level model, the Plus, the Pro and the Pro Max.

Where those first two devices seem to be a minor upgrade, Apple does take big steps with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. For example, expect a better camera system, more powerful chipset and a new notch. Although there seems to be some last minute controversy about that notch.

Curious about what plans have suddenly changed? Then be sure to check out the article below:

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