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Secret Apple Watch feature saves you a huge amount of time

An Apple Watch is a useful tool for communication, productivity and fitness, but with this secret feature you can get even more out of your smartwatch. This feature will save you oceans of time. OMT editor Sabine explains how.

Setting a timer on your Apple Watch works very easily, but there is a way in which this is even much easier. Anyone who uses the timer app often will save a lot of time this way. Here’s how it works.

Saving time with your Apple Watch

How do you save time on your smartwatch? Well, by creating a list of favorite timers. This allows you to select the appropriate timer for recurring activities at lightning speed. For example, you easily set a timer for 4.5 minutes so that your soft-boiled egg is perfectly cooked. Or you set a timer for your washing machine, which finishes washing after exactly 1 hour and 36 minutes.

You can also find a list of recently used timers on your Apple Watch, but their order changes each time you set a new timer. If you set a timer as a favorite, its position remains the same. That way you can always find it easily.

Apple Watch Series 7The Series 7. (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

This is how to set the secret timer function

Open the timer app on your Apple Watch. Swipe a timer under the Recent heading to the left and press the orange button with a white star. That’s it. The timer now appears at the very top of the list of timers, under the Favorites heading.

It is possible to set more than ten timers as favorites. If you find that a little too much of a good thing, you can easily remove the timers from your list again. Swipe left again on your Apple Watch and press the red button with the white cross in it. It can be that simple.