1666831082 Siri is going to be able to distinguish Apple TV

Siri is going to be able to distinguish Apple TV user based on voice

Voice recognition: Google Assistant already does it, but voice assistant Siri will soon be able to do it too. The beta version of tvOS 16.2 reveals that it can identify users based on their voice. The Apple TV is going next-level!

The functionality that makes it all possible: Recognize My Voice. Time to get acquainted.

Apple TV delivers Siri mighty Google Assistant feature

The first beta version of tvOS 16.2 delivers some good news. In addition to a number of bug fixes and improvements, developers also get access to a mighty Siri feature. As mentioned, Apple’s smart assistant will soon be able to recognize the user’s voice.

Through Recognize My Voice, it will be possible to share Siri’s voice profile on your iPhone with your Apple TV. This way, the device knows exactly who is talking to it and the smart assistant can perform personalized actions.

So switching profiles, searching for movies or related (frequently used) applications is made a little easier this way. A win for the user, if you ask us.

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Recognize My Voice makes its debut in tvOS 16. Back to that in a little bit… pic.twitter.com/rXgDonMwX8

– Sigmund Judge (@sigjudge) October 25, 2022

Google Assistant and Chromecast

The new Apple TV functionality is one that is now proven to work. For example, Siri’s counterpart, the Google Assistant, has been using personal assistance for ages. Advancing a daily schedule, adding a note or playing personalized music works magisterially through this way.

This therefore brings Apple, in this area, a little closer to Google. Something the American company, if recent rumors are to be believed, is planning anyway.

Apple TV 4K(Image: Apple)

After the unveiling of the new Apple TV 4K, it became clear that lowering the price is becoming a trend. Thus, it is expected that with the next generation, Apple wants to drop in price even more.

The result: a rock-solid competitor to Google’s immensely popular Chromecast. Curious about the story and the source of the information? You can read it in the article below:

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