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Sleeping in is no longer an option thanks to watchOS 9.4 on your Apple Watch

People with an Apple Watch will soon no longer be able to accidentally set their alarm clock to silent while they sleep. The latest beta version of watchOS 9.4, the next software update for the smartwatch, makes short work of the problem.

Apple is expected to officially roll out the watchOS 9.4 update for the Apple Watch next week. So the problem may soon be considered a thing of the past.

Apple Watch: watchOS 9.4 prevents problems

To date, there have been plenty of reports of users who, accidentally, turn off the alarm clock on their Apple Watch. This happens, for example, at the time when the smartwatch’s screen is covered in its entirety so that notifications are kept silent.

As of watchOS 9.4, this is no longer possible, Apple reports in the release notes of the latest beta version. Once an alarm is set in the Sleep focus, the Watch automatically disables the Cover to Mute gesture.

Therefore, should your hand accidentally touch the Apple Watch’s screen at that point, alarm clocks will no longer be disabled or silenced. Win!

watchOS 9.4 not the only update

In addition to watchOS 9.4, Apple is also working hard on other operating systems. Consider, for example, iOS 16.4 for the iPhone and macOS 13.3 for the Mac. Both systems are in the so-called Release Candidate.


What is a Release Candidate?

A Release Candidate is the final version of a software application before it is released. This version is tested to check for bugs or problems before the final version is released.

As a result, we already know what to expect from the updates. For example, the iPhone will get these features added, where macOS will make do with these changes.

Like the Apple Watch, the iPhone and Mac are also expected to receive new software next week.

ChatGPT-4 on your Apple Watch

The new watchOS 9.4 update makes the Apple Watch a little smarter about handling a given situation. Just like the handy application Petey does.

Dutch developer Hidde van der Ploeg is going global with this app. Logical, because with it he brings the immensely popular AI bot ChatGPT to the Apple Watch.

The latest version hooks directly into recent developments. Last week, OpenAI not only announced language model GPT-4, but also immediately rolled it out. Petey responds excellently to that and comes out with the next update:

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