Star Wars cases from The Mandalorian on your iPhone is

Star Wars cases from The Mandalorian on your iPhone is now a reality

The third season of The Mandalorian launched this week, and to celebrate, Casetify has released a new collection for Apple products. This one, then, is all about the Star Wars series. And these are available for your iPhone and iPad, among others.

We’re not just talking about cases for your iPhone here, either. The collection offers products for a wide range of Apple’s devices. On March 14, the cases and such will go on sale. All that’s left is to wait for a Grogu emoji. And yet, until then, we’ll have to make do with these awesome cases.

The Mandalorian, CasetifySome products from The Mandalorian collection by Casetify. (Image: Casetify)

The Mandalorian Star Wars on your Apple iPhone

Of course, this is not the first time that accessories are available for your devices in the theme of The Mandalorian. Totally not crazy if you include the absurd popularity of Grogu (Baby Yoda). But what’s in this collection from Casetify?

The new collection not only puts the focus on Din Djarin (the titular Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal) and Grogu, but also highlights Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff, pooh). This character was brought to live-action in the second season of the series after years in animation. She will have a larger role in season three.

The Mandalorian’s new ship also appears on Apple’s iPhone and MacBook cases. But perhaps the highlight of the collection is the Grogu case for an Airpod case. Even though it’s pretty big, this thing is just too cute, right?

The Mandalorian, CasetifyYou put the AirPod case in your pocket a little awkwardly, but when you see it like this, it’s worth it. (Image: Casetify)

Casetify knows what we want

There are also Star Wars-iPhone cases, laptop sleeves and Apple Watch straps that look like they are made of Beskar, the super-strong metal that the Mandalorians’ armor is made of. To round out the collection, there are also wireless chargers, MacBook sleeves and AirTag holders in the theme of The Mandalorian.

Very cool of course, which makes it even more painful that Casetify has not made this collection available in the Netherlands. The page can only be viewed with a VPN, so we will have to hope that these products will still become available.

This is the way. Thanks Farrik.

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