Starting this week you can expect more ads in the

Starting this week, you can expect more ads in the App Store

Apple informed developers last week, in an email, that the App Store will have more space for ads. Those ads will see users in two fixed spots within the download store starting Tuesday, Oct. 25. Only those in China will not see the ads on screen.

But for the rest of the world, that means everyone will have to deal with extra advertising. You’ll soon see those ads in the Today tab, as well as a section at the bottom of an app page within the App Store. This is the section that shows similar apps and products when you visit an app page.

Apple gives App Store more ads

Apple’s changes to the App Store are causing some controversy. Indeed, some developers see this as a kind of extra app tax. Now they have to buy advertising space on their own page within the download store. Why? To prevent competitors from doing so in such a prominent spot.

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Apple just sent all developers an email that “Today tab and product page campaigns start October 25.” It’s another means of increasing the effective app tax rate, forcing developers to buy ads on their own app pages in order to avoid that others steer customers away from there.

– Florian Mueller (@FOSSpatents) October 21, 2022

The current changes were previously announced, so the repercussions may seem less significant now. At the time, there was much to worry about. Apple uses the Today tab to make app recommendations. And those recommendations can now get a little soiled by ads popping up in between.

The best spot in the store

When an Apple user opens the App Store, the Today tab is the first thing he or she sees. That also makes that tab one of the most prominent places in the download store and, of course, the best place in the store to advertise. In total, the App Store now offers space for four ad spots.

The other two spots also take up quite prominent space. For example, ads may pop up within search results when you use the search bar. There may also be apps among recommended content. Android is no different in this with the Google Play Store.

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