1647986045 Studio Display makes Siri available on older Macs

Studio Display makes Siri available on older Macs

Siri is of course a handy feature that you know of course from your iPhone, but since 2018 it is also available on Macs. Through the Studio Display, older computers now have access to the feature.

Siri helps you get answers to your questions, asked and sometimes unasked. Want to play a certain song, or know what the weather is going to be. Ask Siri and she does and tells you everything. Of course, Apple’s voice assistant is especially useful on the iPhone, but while you probably use the feature less on your Mac, it can still be a handy addition.

Siri via Studio Display

Siri, of course, has been available on Macs for a while. Apple introduced the feature for the 2018 MacBook Pro. For the iMac, it was an addition even later. The desktop only had access to the voice assistant since the 2020 models.

Apple Studio DisplayPowerful thing (Image: Apple)

The new Studio Display now allows older models to access Siri. At least, if a Mac fully supports the display and if it is running macOS Monterey 12.3 or a newer version of the operating system.

The Studio Display enables Siri on computers because it has an A13 Bionic Chip under the hood. In addition to supporting Siri, it also enables Spatial Audio and the special Center Stage feature for the camera. With the latter feature, you always stay in the center of the image, despite moving.

On these models it is possible

As mentioned earlier, Siri only becomes possible on Macs running macOS 12.3 or later that support the screen. These are the following models:

Mac Studio
14-inch MacBook Pro introduced in 2021
16-inch MacBook Pro introduced in 2019 and later
13-inch MacBook Pro introduced in 2016 and later
15-inch MacBook Pro introduced in 2016 and later
MacBook Air introduced in 2018 and later
iMac introduced in 2017 and later
iMac Pro
Mac mini introduced in 2018 and later
Mac Pro introduced in 2019