T Mobile clear on Private Relay Apple itself is to blame

T-Mobile clear on Private Relay: ‘Apple itself is to blame’

You may have noticed that iCloud Private Relay is off as a user of the T-Mobile network. The carrier is now responding to the issue, pointing its finger at Apple. The company lets us know that it is not responsible for this part of iCloud not working properly on your iPhone.

Yesterday, news broke that the iCloud Private Relay component doesn’t work decently on T-Mobile networks. And by “not decently” we mean “not at all”. As a result, iOS 15 users cannot shield their data from third parties, while that is precisely the idea behind Private Relay.

T-Mobile responds to Private Relay issue

Within the iCloud Private Relay settings, you can read that this is because the provider may be monitoring internet traffic. And that can have several reasons. For example, because a function such as parental control is active. But now T-Mobile lets you know that this is not the company’s fault.

iCloudThe cloud (Image: Apple / Edit: OMT)

The problem, in fact, lies with Apple, according to the telecom provider. There may be a bug in the software of iOS 15.2, which causes iCloud Private Relay to be disabled. If you had the service on before updating, then it was automatically disabled by the update process. That’s the explanation from T-Mobile.

So the problem lies with Apple

The company wants to strongly emphasize that the problem therefore does not lie with T-Mobile, but with Apple. The information has already been shared with the iPhone maker, so a solution may be on the way soon. However, the company does confirm that when you use features such as parental controls, iCloud Private Relay is disabled.

iCloud Private Relay is a new feature available to users since the beta of iOS 15. The option allows you to shield internet traffic from third parties. This way, websites and apps can’t track you. And companies like Apple and your provider can’t do that either after activation.