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The App Store Pearls of the Week: Spark Mail, Feeeed and more on your iPhone

Each week at OneMoreThing, we highlight a few apps that wouldn’t look out of place on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. For your convenience, we list these App Store Pearls at the end of the week.

This week we again had some beautifully shiny gems fished out of the App Store for you. From easier emailing to building your own news feed.

The App Store Pearls of Week 12 2023

With collecting mailboxes, grouping content on YouTube, building your own news page, bringing up old memories and performing activities consistently. We had a lot of good stuff from the App Store again this week. Read through everything in detail below.

#1 Spark Mail on iPhone

Especially if you have multiple mailboxes to account for, Spark Mail is incredibly useful. This app lists all your emails from all inboxes and also has quite a few additional features.

These include snoozing and scheduling emails, automatically categorizing incoming emails and (provided you have premium) sorting emails by priority. Spark Mail is packed with features that you can just use.

#2 PocketTube

Now if you watch an awful lot of YouTube, PocketTube can still help you quite a bit. The iPhone app (and browser extension) lets you divide channels into groups and view these groups separately. That way you can always see what’s new within a particular topic.

iPhone and MacBook app PocketTube is indispensable for YouTubeHoplakee, just make a group of them. (Image: Dima Nabok/PocketTube)

With also a very nice dashboard for organizing your favorite channels, groups and playlists, this app is definitely worth a look.

#3 Feeeed

Tired of news pages like Google News? Then Feeeed on iPhone lets you arrange your own homepage with sites, subreddits and newsletters you find interesting.

But that’s not all, Feeeed on iPhone offers another hefty laundry list of additional features at the fantastic price of … nothing! Check out the app here.

#4 Memorizer on iPhone

We all have memories that are dear to us. Whether those are related to a place, movie or whatever doesn’t matter to Memorizer. The app lets you add and rate all kinds of notes. This way you create a to-do list and at the same time collect all your fond memories in one place. Definitely worth it, then.

#5 HabbitKit

And finally, HabbitKit. This iPhone app creates colorful tables that you fill in yourself by checking your chosen “habit” each day. It’s a simple concept that you personalize extensively. You can get started right away, and later expand the app a bit with the Premium features. Check out the app here.

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