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The Apple Watch is damn good for our health (it turns out)

The Apple Watch is not only one of the most enjoyable smartwatches on the market, it’s also damn good for your health. At least that conclusion is drawn by the Australian health center AIA Health.

The fact that, in 2022, we are obsessed with the number of steps we take and the number of calories we burn is not only due to a growing awareness. It also has everything to do with that smart device we have hanging around our wrists.

Apple Watch is healthy for you

There will be many people who regularly monitor the number of steps on their Apple Watch. Are you alone among the people who actually start moving more because of such a device? If we are to believe Australian AIA Health, that chance is pretty good. A study by the health center shows that the average person moves about 35% more with an Apple Watch on their wrist.

For its Vitality Benefit, AIA Health provided some 1198 members with an Apple Watch by 2020. Eligible people were already participating in a survey in 2019 that measured their activity. Those same people, armed with an Apple Watch on their wrist, were monitored again in 2020. What does it show? The smartwatch is not just a handy tool for recording achieved results.

Apple WatchThe results (Image: AIA Health)

The Apple Watch is also clearly a means of motivating consumers. Out of 1198 people, the average activity increased by about 35%. People with an age of over 50 became even more motivated. In this group, activity increased by a rate of 51%.

Outcome and motivation

That the Apple Watch is not only a handy tool for recording achieved results, but also for motivation is something I personally experience. Last month I had a competition with some friends and on a daily basis I want to have my three rings full at all costs. I don’t always succeed, but generally I achieve the goals.

This did cause a change in my daily routine. I’m more concerned with how much I move each day and I definitely notice that with regard to my health. What about you?

Do you use your Apple Watch primarily for tracking for your standard workouts, or has the smartwatch actually become a source of motivation over the years? I’m curious, let me know in the comments!