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The Grain of Salt: iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C and the battle with Google

Apple is effortlessly the topic of conversation on a daily basis. If not because of the actions of the company itself, then because of the many rumors that surround it. The upcoming iPhone 15 or a new MacBook after all: reason enough for consumers to talk about it.

For exactly that reason, we at One More Thing have created The Grain of Salt. A little column each week in which OMT editor Mark Hofman lists the most talked about rumors of the past week for you.

iPhone 15 Pro picks up advantage with USB-C

iPhone 14 ProEven better photos! (Image: Zana Latif)

That the iPhone 15 Pro, the top device coming to market next year, will get USB-C will surprise few people. Only the benefit that comes with it may still be underestimated.

Earlier this week, we came across information from Ming-Chi Kuo. In it, it was revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro will get a gigantic boost in terms of speed. Wondering where exactly that will put ’em? You can read it in the article below:

Apple targets Google

Tim cook, apple, Far Out, iPhone 14🍎 (Image: Brooks Kraft / Apple)

The competition between Apple and Google has been going on for years, but has never been about either party’s core business. By the way, Tim Cook’s company seems intent on changing that.

If The Information’s sources are to be believed, Apple is busy behind the scenes working on its own search engine. Wesley tells you more in the article below:

AR/VR Headset: more expensive than iPhone 15 Pro?

Apple Glass AR Steve JobsAR Glass In the style of Jobs (Image: Antonio De Rosa)

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman seems convinced about Apple’s AR/VR headset. He previously managed to report that we will be introduced early next year and now even comes up with a price indication.

The big question, of course, is: will the glasses be cheaper or more expensive than the iPhone 15 Pro? You probably won’t like the answer:

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