The HomePod mini is available for purchase in the Netherlands

The HomePod mini is available for purchase in the Netherlands as of today

Dutch consumers have had to wait a long time for it, but it’s finally here. The HomePod mini is on sale in our country starting today.

Apple quietly announced the arrival of the smart speaker after the Peek Performance event by already putting it in the webshop. Today the company sends out a press release saying you can order it immediately.

HomePod mini in the Netherlands

The HomePod mini has finally found its way to the Netherlands. The smart speaker was already announced in October 2020 and it appeared abroad not long after. So we’re closing in a lot later than the rest, but that certainly shouldn’t spoil the fun. The HomePod mini is available from today, in five different colors, for €109. Space gray, blue, white, orange and yellow are the colors we can choose from.

Apple has equipped the small compact speaker with computational audio, which produces a rich sound. The speaker has a round shape and therefore also produces sound that you can hear well anywhere. It does not matter whether you are right in front of, beside or behind the speaker: the sound is always good to hear. The buttons on top regulate the volume of the sound and activate Siri. Although both tasks can also be performed using only the voice.

HomePod miniIn five different colors (Image: Apple)

Apple Music, Smart Home and Apple TV

As with many of Apple’s products, the HomePod mini can be praised for its collaboration with other devices. For example, it is the ideal hub for your Smart Home and your voice controls all your smart devices. Think smart lights, a smart thermostat or security locks. These are easily added via the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

Of course, the smart speaker also works well with other devices from Apple itself. With an Apple TV you can use the mini as an extra speaker and as an ideal tool for pausing or selecting content. Via Apple Music you can listen to your favorite music, although third-party services can also be used.

All in all you get a handy, compact and relatively good speaker for €109. We are still testing it at the moment. A review of the mini will appear on this website soon.