The iPhone 14 gets a new notch but what exactly

The iPhone 14 gets a new notch, but what exactly is it?

Almost all Apple followers are sure of it: the iPhone 14 will get another notch. Therefore, we already know roughly what it will look like. However, the technique behind it is still quite unknown. Possibly this patent from Apple will solve the mystery.

Starting September 7, we will know everything about the new iPhone 14. Yet we already have a good impression about Apple’s new device. This is because various leaks and journalists have already given us a glimpse of the various news. For example, the camera on the back will be even larger and the notch on the front will be smaller.

The notch of the iPhone 14

We now dive deeper into the new notch of the iPhone 14. This one will have a special shape. Currently, at the top of your device, there is still a whole bite out of the screen. In it are all kinds of components that are especially important for Face ID. It is more than just the speaker and selfie camera. There is also an infrared camera, light sensor, microphone and proximity sensor. Enough functions that you need to give a place.

Still, it could be a little less. At least, if we are to believe the reports about the iPhone 14. The notch is going to be reworked. It will consist of two parts. A punch-hole for the camera and a pill-shaped notch for the rest.

iPhone 14 design leakThe leaked iPhone 14 design (Image: Weibo)

A new patent from Apple

How exactly that works has been figured out by Patently Apple. The US patent office has published a new patent application from the company. It describes a slightly folded projector that needs smaller parts and thus saves space in a notch. This gives Apple more options for the infrared components such as the camera and transmitter.

Instead of requiring the infrared transmitter to sit in the notch, it can now be moved to the side of the phone below the screen. A special prism can be used for this or a mirror placed at 45 degrees. Quartz glass is used for the infrared light.

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