The new way you discover new music within Spotify

The new way you discover new music within Spotify

With the streaming service Spotify, it’s already fairly easy to discover music you wouldn’t otherwise easily come into contact with. But of course, it can always be different and possibly even better. In addition to Discovery Weekly, you will soon have access to yet another functionality for music discovery.

The additional way to discover new music the company calls Spotify Curators. You discover music by listening to playlists curated (curated) by other users. The lists presented are not just grabbed out of the air by the company; after all, they are carefully handled.

Spotify Curators for discovering music

The music streaming service actually picks lists of popular users and influencers. Those lists are then promoted alongside the lists the company releases itself. The curators Spotify picks are “established music lovers with many followers” or “users who tell stories in a unique way.”

Spotify PodcastsThe streaming service on your iPhone! (Image: Hayoung Jeon / EPA)

Whether this is actually going to make a big difference to discovering music is now, of course, the question. Whether Spotify creates a list or someone you may know a little about doesn’t have to make a big difference. That said, users’ playlists are already often incredibly popular.

Where do you put the focus

It’s also just what you put your focus on as a finder of lists. Do you want a lot of diversity from a particular genre? Or do you want a lot of music from the same artists in a convenient overview? Or are you looking for a game soundtrack? Then in many cases users can be the savior for you.

In addition, the personal touch of a well-known playlist maker can be decisive for your choice. For example, official lists may be just a bit too robotic. A human list maker pays attention to details and feeling and may be just a bit better at tracking down classics, diamonds in the rough or unknown pearls.