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The remarkable iPhone 14 Pro problem users are running into

The iPhone 14 Pro is a great device, but some users are now running into a strange phenomenon. It causes a lot of question marks, because the problem doesn’t just go away.

If you have an iPhone 14 Pro, you obviously have a great device. The smartphone obviously works smoothly and the Dynamic Island is a great solution to make the notch go away. Yet now there is something going on with the phone that raises big questions among users.

An unusual scene on the iPhone 14 Pro screen

On social media, iPhone 14 Pro (Max) owners are complaining about a peculiar phenomenon. When they boot up the phone they get strange flashing lines on the screen. Something that obviously shouldn’t be there. The big problem is that they don’t know how to get rid of it.

In a thread on Reddit, several users show pictures of the phenomenon on the iPhone 14 Pro. Mainly green and yellow flashing lines appear on their screens that disappear again when the phone boots up.

Some of those users have asked Apple for help. The company tells them that it is not a chin the hardware. In fact, it would be due to a bug in iOS 16. That also seems to be the case if users are to be believed. Before iOS 16.2, nothing was wrong.

iPhone 14, iPhone, iOS 16.1, Apple🌿 (Image: Omar Al Ghosson)

A solution is being worked on

Is it happening to your iPhone 14 Pro, too? Then you need not fear that your screen will fail. An Apple engineer revealed to a Reddit user, that the company is already working on a patch.

Apple is currently in the midst of testing iOS 16.3. Still, it seems we will have to wait a while for the new version of the operating software. It will not come out until early 2023 at the earliest. By the way, Apple may still come out with a smaller update earlier to fix the bug.

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