1662158083 The sporting misunderstanding surrounding the new Apple Watch Pro

The sporting misunderstanding surrounding the new Apple Watch Pro

Last year, the Apple Watch Series 7 essentially got a bigger screen. Not the most shocking design change. The one on the Apple Watch Pro will probably be even bigger.

There are strong rumors that there will be a 47 mm version of the Apple Watch Pro. Of the Series 7, 45 mm was the largest option.

Apple Watch Pro going extreme?

Reportedly, the watch is not only bigger, but also gets a stronger titanium casing. This will make it an ideal watch for extreme sports, for example. But will such a larger screen help with bungee jumping and downhill mountain biking? And can the watch handle the brute force of whitewater rafting?

While the Apple Watch Pro is a great watch to wear during those kinds of activities, chances are that Apple is primarily targeting endurance sports that require a lot of stamina. Because sports that take you longer need a bigger battery.

Apple Watch Pro Pride EditionPerhaps a Nike version of the Pro will also be released again (Image: Apple)

The Apple Watch’s battery was not particularly impressive (especially in the beginning). The first model from 2015 barely lasted a day, so if you forgot to charge it overnight, you had no use for it the next day. Its competitors, on the other hand, like the Pebble, lasted a week. Granted, that watch had a simple screen and slower processors.

Meanwhile, battery life isn’t really a headache anymore. We’re used to charging at night anyway, but even if you’re also using it as a sleep tracker (when you should be wearing it), charging in the morning while you eat breakfast and watch the news will get you a long way. And that will be entirely the case for the Apple Watch Pro.

Power Saving

People running marathons, for example, were advised by Apple to turn on Power Saving mode. Otherwise, the watch simply wouldn’t last. Not handy if you want to record all the details of your top performance. (Incidentally, Apple has other handy tips in that regard.)

Take the battery of the Apple Watch SE, for example: it can just about handle a workout of about five hours. And the average marathon runner takes about six hours to run a race. Iron Man participants are completely out of luck. Some competitions take about twelve hours. Probably the Apple Watch Pro won’t last that long either, by the way.

Apple Watch Pro thicker?

Technically, it is virtually impossible to put a battery in a thin case that has twice the capacity of the Series 7. A first option would be to make the watch thicker for more room for the battery. We doubt Apple would dare do that.

That makes it plausible that the Apple Watch Pro will actually be bigger after all. How much an athlete can get out of their watch then, we’ll see. We do have a colleague running a marathon.

Next Wednesday, September 7, watch Apple’s “Far Out” event where the new Apple Watches and iPhone 14 will be presented.

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