1679292198 The ultimate way to make your iPhone access screen look

The ultimate way to make your iPhone access screen look fresher

Your iPhone’s access screen already looks a lot fresher thanks to the advent of widgets, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get better. In fact, there are quite a few limitations to personalizing the widgets on the access screen.

We take you through two apps to give your access screen a refresh: one paid and one free option. These apps are an easy way to give your iPhone a new fresh look.

Make your iPhone access screen look fresher

Want to make your iPhone look fresher, too? Here come two tips.

#1 Clear Spaces

The widgets on your iPhone cannot be placed just anywhere on the access screen. The smaller widgets appear in the center of the screen and the larger widgets can only be placed on the left and right sides. With the (paid) app Clear Spaces, you can do something about that.

Clear Spaces on iPhone access screenClear Spaces creates empty spaces between widgets (Screenshot: OMT)

Clear Spaces is available for $2.50 in the App Store. You then only need to add the transparent tiles as widgets. You do this by holding down the access screen of your iPhone, selecting Access Screen and under time add the Clear Spaces widget in the desired location.

If the transparent widgets don’t appear right away, open the Clear Spaces app and tap the widget center (next to the i). Then tap More and swipe left. Open Settings and tap Refresh widgets. This should fix any display issues.

#2 Widgetsmith

You can also use Widgetsmith’s free features to give the widgets on your iPhone a nicer look. Open the app and tap Lock Screen. For example, tap Add Circular Widget to add a circular widget. Then choose which widget you want to add.

Next, go to the Theme tab and choose a background and a font. On the other tabs you can edit more settings. In the time widget, for example, you set the location and time format. When you’re done, tap Save.

Hold down your iPhone’s Access screen and tap Customize. Tap the Access screen and tap Add widgets. Scroll down and tap Widgetsmith. Then tap the added widget twice and select the widget you just created in the app.

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