1654022831 The unusual place where your Apple Watch might get a

The unusual place where your Apple Watch might get a camera

The future Apple Watch might just have a camera. At least that’s something Apple has been researching recently. This becomes clear after the American company was granted a new patent.

Where you would expect such a product to work with a hole-punch-like camera, that’s not what emerges in the patent. Apple has a whole other place in mind.

Apple Watch with camera lens

Apple has been assigned a new patent called Watch having a camera. The patent comes to our attention through Apple Insider. The patent shows that the Apple Watch is to be equipped with a camera system, which is located in a rather conspicuous place. Where you would expect a selfie camera-like solution, in this particular case the lens is located in the Digital Crown.

That location is quite striking and, somewhere, a bit scary. An Apple Watch with a lens in that position does not lend itself to taking selfies. Nor does it lend itself to the use of any facial recognition. It’s more like a mysterious gadget from a James Bond movie.

Apple Watch cameraA special place (Image: USTPO)

Apple, of course, always focuses on privacy, but the patent does not mention it.

Not the first patent

Although the patent is very striking, it is not unique. Previously, a patent also surfaced that talked about a camera system. In that particular case, they were looking at the possibility of attaching it under the screen of the Apple Watch. Something that would be easier not only in terms of privacy, but also ease of use.

The chances of your Apple Watch having a camera in the Digital Crown seem slim to us. Still, Apple did look at that possibility and was granted the patent. What it does with that, time will tell.

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