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This former Facebook frontman gets important role within Apple

Within the tech industry, you often see key individuals move from one company to another, as we are now seeing with Facebook and Apple. In this case, it’s Timothy Campos, who is being put in charge of a key division at the iPhone maker. Campos is to replace Mary Demby, who is retiring. What will he do?

Since August, Apple has said goodbye to four high-ranking employees. First Jony Ive’s replacement Evans Hankey left and later Anna Matthiasson decided to leave as well. She was the vice president of online retail. She is leaving after three years of service, but it is unclear why exactly.

From Facebook to Apple

Then we have Karen Rasmussen, a senior executive who was responsible for the digital experience and eCommerce. And now it is also coming out that Mary Demby is leaving the company, after 30 years of service.

Shortly after her departure, it was not yet clear who would succeed her, but we now know who it is.

Apple StoresApple (Image: AFP / Morris Mac Matzen)

So this is Timothy Campos, who previously worked at Facebook. He takes over from Demby, who was in charge of online services, website and customer support infrastructure at Apple.

Those are decent portfolios, so hopefully the transition will go nice and smooth.

Why choose Campos?

Why the choice fell on Campos? Well, very simple really. The man was previously responsible for roughly the same components at Facebook. He worked at Meta between 2010 and 2016 and then came up with his own calendar app. That app, called Woven, was acquired by Slack in 2021.

Campos already revealed on his own LinkedIn profile that he is gearing up for a new position. However, the profile does not yet reveal exactly what that new position entails. Fortunately, Bloomberg was able to break the news. Indeed, a representative from Apple confirmed the news to the editor.

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